Underperforming, Overreaching or Overtraining?

What are overreaching and overtraining? Overtraining is a phrase commonly used in competitive sport. True overtraining syndrome is actually quite rare, but the spectrum of conditions that come under the umbrella of unexplained underperformance syndrome can affect athletes more frequently. There are three main subsets of this syndrome. The first is named functional overreaching. ThisContinue reading “Underperforming, Overreaching or Overtraining?”

Sleep, Recovery and Growth Hormone

Sleep is a basic human need. For athletes and those vying for peak physical performance, adequate sleep is one of the most essential factors in achieving that goal. Sleep may be the most important aspect of recovery due to its vital role in tissue growth and repair. It also has roles in neuromuscular performance, cognitiveContinue reading “Sleep, Recovery and Growth Hormone”

Active Recovery- Aren’t we just Building an Aerobic Base?

Active recovery is a term which is popular in the functional fitness space. When competitive athletes are asked how often they train, a common structure appears to be ‘five days a week, one day of complete rest and one day of active recovery’. But what does active recovery mean and what is its purpose? TheContinue reading “Active Recovery- Aren’t we just Building an Aerobic Base?”

Do Muscle Stimulators Enhance Recovery?

What is a Muscle Stimulator? Also known as an electrical nerve stimulator, or TENS machine, these are devices which stimulate low frequency electrical pulses through electrodes placed on the skin, inducing short and low intensity muscle contraction. The most common brand-named devices used in the functional fitness world are Compex and PowerDot, however it isContinue reading “Do Muscle Stimulators Enhance Recovery?”