Exercise substitution library

At some point during your pregnancy, it is likely you will need to start substituting some of the commonly programmed movements in CrossFit and functional fitness. This library gives you a range of ideas for swaps and scales, which you can use depending on what stimulus you are looking for

Pull ups
  • Toe spot pull ups
  • Banded lat pull downs
  • Ring rows
  • Seated pull ups to rings
  • Bent over row
  • Bar rows
Toes to bar
  • Overhead band marches
  • Bird dog
  • Seated knee tucks
  • Side planks
  • Farmers carry
  • Ball slams
Muscle ups
  • Seated pull up to rings
  • Band or box assisted dips
  • Box push ups
  • Toe spot transition
  • Dip negatives
  • Dumbbell pull overs
  • Jumping ring mucle ups (low rings)
  • Banded pull downs
  • No push up to floor (squat thrust)
  • To knees
  • To box
  • Plate ground to overhead
Skipping/double unders
  • Single unders
  • Plate step ups (forward)
  • Plate side steps
Push ups
  • Push ups on knees
  • Push ups on box
  • Ring push ups on knees
  • Incline pec flys
  • Paralette push ups on knees
Handstand push ups
  • Seated dumbbell press
  • Barbell press
  • Pike push ups on box/floor
Rope climbs
  • Sled pull
  • Banded face pull
Pistols (single leg squats)
  • Single leg box step downs
  • Air squats
  • Weighted step ups
Snatches and cleans
  • Switch to dumbbells or kettlebells to avoid drilling an incorrect bar path
  • Snatch/clean deadlifts
  • Dumbbell high pulls
  • Snatch balance/snatch drop
  • Thrusters
  • Behind the neck snatch grip push press
  • Sotts press

Movements likely to continue (if they feel good)

  • Step ups
  • Squats- front/back/overhead
  • Lunges
  • Barbell shoulder to overhead
  • Box step overs
  • Incline bench
  • DB snatch/OHS/clean and jerk/thruster
  • Barbell thrusters
  • KB snatch/OHS/clean and jerk/thruster
  • Wallballs
  • Deadlifts
  • KB swings
  • Assault or c2 bike
  • Rowing or running
  • Romanian deadlifts
  • Split squats
  • Good mornings
  • Snatch/clean grip deadlifts
  • Snatch balance/Sotts press
  • Swimming
  • Ball slams
  • DB bodybuilding- bent over row/z press/lateral raises
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