Functional Pregnancy

Functional Training for Pregnant and Postpartum Athletes

Exercise is a vital factor in achieving good physical and mental health, and both during and after pregnancy this is no different. We want to help and guide women who are used to training hard in how to navigate an active and healthy pregnancy and postpartum.

Read the Functional Pregnancy Handbook for more information


Pelvic floor and core programme for pregnant athletes

33 weeks of core and pelvic floor programming designed specifically for pregnant athletes

Coming soon…

Functional Postpartum

A 12 week programme designed to return you to training postpartum

Coming soon…

When is it safe to exercise during pregnancy?

Gone are the days of bed rest and not carrying anything heavier than your handbag, but what do we need to consider?

Exercise substitution library

A library of pregnancy swaps and scales for commonly programmed exercises

How to adapt your training when pregnant

Evidence-based recommendations and guidance on how to adapt your training during pregnancy

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